New Direction

May 08, 2018

Catapulsion will no longer be providing Internet service.

Catapulsion has chosen to work with Utah Broadband to transition our customer base to their service.

There are many technical aspects to providing ISP services using unlicensed spectrum. The most important is achieving the cleanest signal possible. When multiple providers attempt to use the same spectrum it leads to issues for all the customers of both providers.

We reached out to UBB to discuss this and ended up deciding that it would be best to have a single company control as much of the market as possible so as to minimize interferance. The negotiation led us to believe that the best outcome was to transition our customers to their network combining our infrastructure with theirs.

We have enjoyed serving this market for almost 20 years. We have made many friends and enjoyed working with all our different partners over the years. It is a bit bittersweet, but in the end we all feel this will provide the best possible Internet experience for subscibers in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Thank you to all our friends and partners!